About Us

Our Roadmap

Billow's Roadmap highlights a proven process for delivering value to our clients in a wide range of business and technology projects. Whether we are implementing a CRM, transitioning outdated customer service to Zendesk, or creating a custom mobile or web application or integration, this is our process.


Detailing the project

Discovery is a multi-day workshop focused on the processes and details of the project. We will ask a lot of questions, take a bunch of notes, and encapsulate your goals and use cases into an actionable project plan. We try to leave no stone unturned in Discovery: everything you are looking to accomplish, and why, will be discussed during this process.


Creating the Blueprint

Following Discovery we have lots of notes, an outline of key use cases, and specifics of the project at hand. Design is our opportunity to review our Discovery notes, discuss and test potential solutions internally, and provide our clients with a thought-out and detailed timeline and plan of action to complete the project. We may also present different solutions to choose from, including the pros and cons of each option and any differentiators in cost or timeline.


Making the Design a Reality

Once the Design is completed and approved, we pass the blueprint on to our developers, project managers, and administrative team, to complete implementation. This process can take days, weeks, or months, depending on the specifics of the project and number of internal resources needed to complete the plan. Our project management is collaborative so our clients know where we are in the project, if a deadline has passed, and how we are trending against our timeline estimates.

Reporting & Analytics

Producing Meaningful Reports

Business owners and managers sometimes struggle to report on employee performance, business growth vs. expectations, revenue trends, and operational efficiency. After implementation we deliver powerful, real-time reports that monitor your team's productivity, track key business metrics, and empower you to make tangible business decisions, based on data.